Magic 89.9 FM is popular for its fun and upbeat programming that features a mix of music, humor, and informative segments. Our on-air personalities are known for their lively banter and entertaining personalities, which help create a fun and engaging listening experience for our lovely audience.

In addition to playing popular music, we also offers a range of other programming that adds to its fun and engaging atmosphere. For example, our special comedy segment, such as the popular “Top 10” countdowns, where the hosts discuss and rank humorous topics. There is also a educational section which offers to answer any questions our student listeners may have about science, history or after school studies. We also have offers contests and giveaways that encourage listener participation and add to the overall fun of listening to Magic89.9 FM, Tune In!

How to listen?

You may simply listen to radio broadcasts through FM/AM radio receivers or portable radios. However, with the rise of digital technology, we also broadcast digitally and as such you can use and listen to us on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart speakers or soundbars. All you need is an internet connection. Get the added advantage of additional features like pause, rewind too.

For best listening experience you should crank up the volume in your car. Same goes for music systems in homes, let the beat rock your world. Having said that if the music is an irritant for your neighbors you can simply plug in your earphones.