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With a synergy of expertise and experience spanning more than twenty years, Magic 89.9 is the token prime mover in Radio Broadcasting.

Since its inception on January 1986 (under BGB Radio Network, Inc.), Magic 89.9 has spawned some of the most revered broadcasters, it has brought on-air programs that are now considered benchmark classics and it has successfully catapulted and re-energized the local radio broadcasting industry in general.

In 1994, the network has broaden its horizon and embarked on an expansion program under the corporate helm A4D.CC . It has expanded operations via Tucker Rel FM in the key places.

Today, the network is acknowledged by industry leaders as largest and most recognized. From its cadre of fresh new talents to broadcasters that have become the industry’s stalwarts, from dynamic concepts to unconventional on-air specials, Magic 89.9 not only provides music and entertainment to its definitive target demographics but consistently delivers as a potent marketing medium for its growing advertising clientele. We also The likely marriage of prudent managerial acumen and responsive connection to its listeners has rendered Magic 89.9 as the effective advertising tool for products such as soundbar, speakers, earbuds as well as the country’s partner in nationhood.

With its continuous efforts to provide intelligent programming and responsible broadcasting, Magic 89.9 has truly become a formidable force in the radio today.


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