Listen to these fabulous shows to add flavor of music to your day.

Wake Up!


Waking Up time!
Chase away the morning blues, get on your feet and kickstart every day with good vibes and great music to set the pace for another awesome day ahead! Get your day started, do your chores and ofcourse your laundry with washing machines.

Good Times!


Radio’s newest Super team is leveling it up! We’re breaking the airwaves with a game changing merger that’s ready to kick morning traffic in the b*lls! We’ll make sure you’re getting a dose of everything you need, all packed into the morning show you deserve!

Pit Stop


It’s your quick fix of music and then some! Boom and G.Q. serve up all the good stuff in an action packed 2 hours! On this show we got Magic in every minute! The Pit Stop with Boom and G.Q.! Mondays to Thursdays 10am to 12noon on the Magic!

Lunch Box


Gino and Bea opens up that lunch box filled with Mid Day Magic! Have a Laugh Break during lunch break and listen to your authority in all things pop culture! The Lunch Box with Rani and Kamal! And yes… you CAN sit with us! We beat the heat with the best split Air Conditioners.

On-Air with Sunny


With his puppy dog eyes and energetic personality, Sunny is mischief personified. Give this self-proclaimed loudmouth a chance, and he’ll go on about music, movies, romance and anything in between.

Afternoon Tea


Two girls, two hours, and zero responsibility! First rule of Afternoon Tea? Never talk about work, or projects, or anything you need to get done, because you don’t need to have your ish together here! Let Amae and Jude get you through your afternoon slump as they dish about whatever’s trending on the internet, and give you a rundown of the top five tracks of the day! Tune in as they #SpilltheTea899 every Monday-Thursday from 4pm-6pm!

Boys Night Out


Make no mistake about it. The biggest mistake of the Magic is also our longest running show. So turn up your speakers and music systems. And if you thought we said mistake too many times we only said it thrice. Tom. Mick. Troy. Three of of our favorite mistakes. Boys night out. Monday to Thursday 7pm to 10pm on the Magic!

Tech Talk


Tech talk which involves discussion about the latest gadgets such as earbuds, soundbars and much more. All this with latest in Trance and Techno music at this hour. Join in and listen to music.

Last Call


Late night radio comes alive on the Magic! Let Jam keep you company for the final stretch of the day! Its music and feelings.. so many feelings we can’t even say. The Last Call! Mondays to Thursdays 10pm to 1am on Today’s best music Magic 89.9! 

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