Tech Talk

Tech Talk

Ever wondered what your favorite RJ uses as his mobile phone?

You love Bose but maybe Sunny likes Sony. Write us a comment here and we will answer all your queries on Technology and gadget on-air!

On Magic 899 FM we use highest quality equipment and controllers such as DAC, radio broadcasters and of course mixer to provide the best quality audio. Microphone condensers which give the RJs the best voice which is not only accurate but devoid of any noise so you connect with them like they are right with you.

Our shows are one of the top rated and have high ratings thanks to not only the quality of content and mixes but also as a result of high quality audio chain we use to provide best listening experience for all.

In the studio our RJ have the option to use their own choice of headgear so that they feel comfortable and at home when interacting with you and when entertaining you. Believe it or not Troy uses a pair of wireless earbuds to host his show.

On the other hand Gino and Bea during the afternoon show “Lunch Box” use something else altogether. Gino loves his headphones, he brings his own. Bea uses the one at studio because for her she knows what driver headphones we provide and how it matters to her.

Waiting / Relaxing Area

We have a superb area where our RJs relax and entertain themselves when not on-air. This place is equipped to the brim with not one but 2 large screen Television sets. Apart from that these are equipped with a soundbar so that they can turn up the volume and enjoy the beats if need be.

Well we all know how hot it can get during the day so for that reasons we keep the place super cool with performance and silent split type air-cons form Daikin.

A small list of equipment in use

Magic 89.9 uses various equipment, including:

  • Studio consoles
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Audio processors
  • CD players/digital audio players
  • Audio mixing software
  • RDS encoders
  • Transmitters
  • Antennas
  • Studio-to-transmitter links (STLs)
  • Backup power systems

This is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of the type of equipment Magic 89.9 uses.