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Kamala is Waking You Up!

Chase away the morning blues, get on your feet and kickstart every day with good vibes and great music to set the pace for another awesome day ahead! Use your favorite pair of earphones and groove to the music all day long.

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Music Listening

How to listen to the best music? Well we all love a good dose of music and for that we need a certain level of quality, a level of immersion in our music. For that we all use best wireless headphones and audio gear. We recommend using audio gear which elevates your audio experience so that you can groove to our tunes and music.

Tip: Use this post to understand how to buy headphones.

Daily Chores

The best start to the day is with freshness and music. We encourage you turn on to listen to our music, which plays non-stop without adverts from 5-7 every morning. During this time you can take a shower, do your chores such as washing machine, warm up your breakfast in a microwave and simply tune your day for a fabulous start.


We have the best RJ’s who will not only give you your dose of music and entertainment but also provide you with all the necessary information which is required to keep you up to date and in tune with the times. Our RJ’s provide traffic information, play trivia, games, sports information and connect with you in a way which goes beyond what you would normally expect. FM tune in now!